Written by Ahmad Fathan Aniq

I used to live in Rempung. It is a small village which is situated in East Lombok region, one of seven regions in West Nusa Tenggara province. Even though nowadays it does not have a dense population, I predict some years in the future it will be a dense village, since the main street to Sumbawa island from Lombok and Bali islands passes through this village.
Rempung has a unique language which is different from other villages’ language in Lombok. Its language is rather similar to the Sumbawa language. Old Rempung people say that Rempung language has its own history. Many years ago around 17th century, when Lombok was attacked by Karangasem kingdom from Bali, some Lombok people ran away to Sumbawa island. When Lombok had its own independence from Bali, these people who missed their island went back to Lombok with their new language from Sumbawa. They are Rempung’s founding fathers.
I was happy to stay in Rempung because of its friendly villagers and its fresh air. It lies in mount Rinjani valley and is surrounded by two deep rivers both in the west and in the east of the village. This means that the natural landscape is very beautiful. Moreover, more than half of the village is still in the form of fields and gardens. When I was there, I could find many spring waters near the two rivers, as well as in my garden.
To the west of this village is an earthenware vessel artisan place called Penakak. It is well-known in Lombok even in some other countries. Many of its products are exported abroad. Not only is Penakak, as a handicraft place, find close to Rempung, but also Pringgasela which is located in the north of the village. Pringgasela is well-known for its handy-woven cloth products called songket. There are many art houses which produce and sell songket. They are spread widely over Pringgasela.
A water-fall called Pancor Kopong is a lovely place which is situated in the north west of Rempung. It is not well-known among Lombok people. However for me, it is a beautiful, small water-fall with some pools which can refresh my mind.
There are some elementary and secondary high schools in Rempung. Almost all of Rempung’s younger generation finished their study in these schools. However, now they are studying in different cities. I usually meet them on Idul Fitri day, when all of the villagers which stay in other places come back to Rempung. In my solitude, I miss my village!

Smaragdlaan, 27 April 2007